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Photo by Rosie Simmons

The Conquistawhore rides again
This September as a Panelist Pick

Of the 2023 Cannonball Festival!

Legend has it The Conquistawhore drinks her weight in whiskey, straddles the past and present, brawls with her own vagina cause – well, he makes terrible choices. They roam the Wild West…or is that the Main Line of Philadelphia? Find out in this “brash, transformative, hilarious” tale in search of wholeness.

Directed by Cat Ramirez, written and performed by Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, with artistic support provided by Die-Cast, She Was A Conquistawhore collides comedy and poetry with theatricality for a self-reflective queer story to be shared in non-traditional performance spaces. The show explores harsh themes in soft and delicate ways to find laughter in the absurd cruelty of circumstance because sometimes life writes itself, and maybe we ought to laugh at our demons, if only, to gently hold them up to the light.

Tickets have a general admission of $25, but are also available at pay what you can starting at $5! Click here to purchase tickets.

An absurd, radical, and deeply personal exploration of gender identity, intergenerational trauma and healing. She Was A Conquistawhore is being produced in solidarity with Joseph Ahmed's Half Magic which is also directed by Cat Ramirez and will run at the Cannonball Festival September 1-23.
To learn more about solidarity producing and both shows check out this shared press release.

Photo by Rosie Simmons

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