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A femme figre in red reaches up, their arm obstructs their face. Illustrated flowers bloom around them and out of them leading to the title of their solo show: "She Was A Conquistawhore" Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 at 10PM at Quig's Pub on the top floor of Plays and Players
Part of Theatre Philadelphia's Philly Theatre Week
I'm returning to solo performance with something big in a small way.

They say the Conquistawhore drinks her weight in whiskey, brawls her own vagina (which sounds fun, but he is a true madman), and wanders the Wild West – or is it just the Main Line of Philly? Come find out in this developmental sharing performed by Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez and directed by Cat Ramirez (dream team returns!). This experimental blend of standup comedy and theatrical poetry weaves a legend to poke fun at (and holes into) our internalized oppression while celebrating our ability to transform.
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Tickets are pay what you can!
Click here to purchase tickets, find out accessibility, and Covid safety information.

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