Theatre Al Fresco with Power Street
Sat. August 17 from 5pm-7pm

I will be a featured performer at Power Street Theatre's final Theatre Al Fresco open mic en Las Parcelas Garden. This Power Slam event will highlight and celebrate the voices of womxn of color, featuring artists of all different mediums before an open mic. Share your voice - enjoy some food and drinks in the garden - tickets are pay what you can! Click here to reserve your spot in the Garden.

Empanada Loca at Panorama West Philly

September 5-21, part of the Fringe Festival

I have never had the chance to perform a full solo performance - and I have never encountered a script like this...
Deep underground, underneath the subways, Dolores is waiting to tell her story. Her tale is one of gentrification, incarceration, furious survival, and of course - murder. Inspired by the legend of Sweeney Todd, Empanada Loca is a horrific view of one woman’s fight to survive in a world of reckless consumerism that has abandoned her.
This play is not for the faint of heart. We've got tons of performance times (including a midnight show on Friday, the 13th!). Tickets are $20. If you can't make it to the show - please consider supporting the project by making a donation here (any amount - big or small - is greatly appreciated). 
EmpanadaLocaPoster (1).JPG

Fear Itself with The Hum'n'bards

September 12-14, part of the Fringe Festival

This is my first time working with The Hum'n'bards who I've loved for an awful long time. This show takes the audience on a tour through Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Cemetary, one of the oldest in Philadelphia, to explore the concept of fear, the lost souls we encounter along the way, and the choices we get to make to either save these souls or leave them behind. Featuring live music, dope makeup, and some spooky characters - these tours can only fit 15 people per group so get your $10-$20 tickets (sliding scale cause the Hum'n'bards are good like that) in advance. 
Photo by Harrison Scantling

Photo by Harrison Scantling