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I wrote my first play y'all! Join Manayunk Theatre Company for a virtual adaptation of a dark folktale called Bluebeard. This recorded exploration has been directed by CJ Miller, captured by Jay Kimberley, is a dark adventure into what lies beneath all this glory.


See this story come to life with a powerful cast of Philly performers in the safety of your home. Tickets are pay what you decide from September 17th to October 3rd as part of the FringeArts Festival.

154 Revisited

154 Revisited


In the early days of the pandemic, Revolution Shakespeare gave me my first writing commission with this incredible project. Over 50 playwrights, poets, songwriters, creatives came together while in isolation to create adaptations of all of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. Each adaptation has been brought to life by performers of all kinds.


Catch my adaptations of Sonnet #14, Sonnet #91, and Sonnet #118 – or you can see me perform Jacqueline Goldfinger’s adaptation of Sonnet #93. All of the Sonnets are available online (pay what you can) from September 10th to October 4th as part of the FringeArts Festival.

Over the years Mike Durkin of The Renegade Company and I have almost worked with each other three times, and in the midst of a public health crisis we finally found a way to collaborate. Written by Mike, with music by Adam Vidiksis, this Meditative Soundwalk invites you to experience the present - and I'll be your guide.


All you need is a smart phone or device to download/stream from. You can play the Soundwalk while taking a walk in your neighborhood or looking out your window. Part of the Free Fringe Festival, enjoy this free experience all month.


My first voiceover project! I dare you to find my small contribution to this large and amazing project. Ten original audio narratives written to be experienced on the paths of Philadelphia region’s Circuit Trails network. Just download the free mobile app to enjoy original dramas written by local authors such as Eppechez!, Carmen Maria Machado, and Li Sumpter. If you live in Philly, need some adventure, and can get out of the house to hit the trails safely check out the TrailOff app. Trails typically run 1 to 3 miles in length, accessibility and terrain info is available at the TrailOff app. Available for free download beginning on September 10th as part of the FringeArts Festival.

Trail Off


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